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Scrap Car For Cash

Want to Scrap Your Car for Cash?

It was only a short while ago that scrapping your car would cost you money, however as the need for scrap metals has changed so has the industry and now you’re the one being compensated when selling your vehicle for scrap. A popular misconception is that car scrapping is only for vehicles which have been in accidents, failed their MOT and are uneconomical to repair or non-runners. However, the reality is that there are numerous reasons you may consider scrapping as a way to dispose of your vehicle, and whether you’re looking to clear out some valuable parking space or upgrade your vehicle for a more environmentally-friendly model, scrapping your car can be a time-efficient and financially rewarding way to do it.

Payment in Cash is Legal or Illegal?

The introduction of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act in October 2013 brought in new legislation regarding payment. In an effort to combat metal theft and bring greater transparency to the industry cash payments for all forms of scrap were banned. So SCCS only transfer through banks.

Getting The Best Deal For Your Steel

To get offers for your scrap car all you need to do is to submit our get a quote form and wait for a moment, our agent will call you and help you to scrap car for best price. Our service is 100% free and there are no hidden fees so, as long as the car has been accurately described during the quotation process, the price which you are quoted is the price which you will be paid, guaranteed. SCCS pays maximum to his customers like upto £5,000.

Proper DVLA Paperwork

When it comes to selling your car, SCCS will help you to get the DVLA paperwork right by ensuring that your registration certificate (V5C – the log book) is correctly filled out, to absolve you from any further responsibility for the car. It’s important to do this by the book when you sell your car, so that you avoid a fine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need A Bank Account?2020-09-03T12:39:38+01:00

Yes. Cash payments are illegal due to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 and so all payments are made via bank transfer or business cheque, which must be paid into a UK bank account.

What Should I Need To Get Paid?2020-09-03T12:38:48+01:00

If you already have a scrap car which you have accepted an offer for, you’re almost there! The only things you need in order to get paid once the aforementioned is done, is to wait for your buyer to arrive and collect your vehicle. Oh, and have a bank account for the payment be made into of course!

Who Pays Me?2020-09-03T12:38:10+01:00

The purchaser of your vehicle will be the one paying you. Once you have accepted a quote from our site we will send you the details of the company purchasing your vehicle. They’ll then be in touch to arrange the collection of your scrap car and once the vehicle has been inspected, and is in the process of being collected, they will proceed with your payment.

How Much Do I Get Paid?2020-09-03T12:37:32+01:00

The price you receive for your vehicle will be dependant on a variety of factors, for example; whether your car has been purchased as a salvageable vehicle or as an end-of-life vehicle for scrap. To find out the value of a scrap vehicle, simply fill out the quotation form at the top of this page and our website will generate you a no obligation quote, instantly.

When Do I Get Paid?2020-09-03T12:36:59+01:00

All payments are made on the day of collection. Once the collector has inspected your vehicle to ensure that the condition of your scrap car matches the details given to us during the quotation stage, you should call us to confirm the details and once this has been done, payment will be made.

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Why Cannot I Get Paid By CASH?2020-09-03T09:40:01+01:00

Due to the SMDA 2013 (scrap metal dealers act 2013) scrap metal dealers and car breakers can no longer pay for scrap vehicles using cash.

I Have No Keys?2020-09-03T09:38:16+01:00

Just leave it to us. When we contact you to confirm your details, let us know about any obstructions or height restrictions that may make the car extra-difficult to recover. We do our best to recover any car no matter the situation, this may affect the price due to the extra time required to collect or other vehicles need to be sent.

Will I Get a Receipt?2020-09-03T09:37:33+01:00

You will receive an email confirmation from us regarding the disposal/sale of your vehicle. This will include all of the relevant information you need. You can print the email out and keep it for your records.

Are the payments Guaranteed?2020-09-03T09:36:42+01:00

Yes, you are protected by our Payment Guarantee.

Does SCCS Collect Free of Charge?2020-09-03T09:46:20+01:00

Yes, we collect FREE of charge.

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