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Welcome to Scrap Car Collection Services, we are a specialist car removal services company offering a complete set of scrap my car services. We will buy any make or model vehicle in any condition and offer you the best possible price for it, we also buy MOT failures and non-running vehicles, Every vehicle is unique, hence we offer a price based on each individual vehicle and it’s condition, not generically based on a make & model of the car like the automated quote facilities offered by other online car buyers, this way we ensure you always get the best possible price for your vehicle.

Why Choose SCCS

There are many different ways that you could go about selling your old vehicle, but we at SCCS believe that a car scrapping service is the best option. An online service like SCCS is the only way to review like for like offers for your vehicle all in one place. Nothing else gives you the same level of control and convenience in one place. Selling privately takes a short time and good amount for your scrap car. The choice is your’s.

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Important FAQs

Do I Need A Bank Account?2020-09-03T12:39:38+01:00

Yes. Cash payments are illegal due to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 and so all payments are made via bank transfer or business cheque, which must be paid into a UK bank account.

What Should I Need To Get Paid?2020-09-03T12:38:48+01:00

If you already have a scrap car which you have accepted an offer for, you’re almost there! The only things you need in order to get paid once the aforementioned is done, is to wait for your buyer to arrive and collect your vehicle. Oh, and have a bank account for the payment be made into of course!

Who Pays Me?2020-09-03T12:38:10+01:00

The purchaser of your vehicle will be the one paying you. Once you have accepted a quote from our site we will send you the details of the company purchasing your vehicle. They’ll then be in touch to arrange the collection of your scrap car and once the vehicle has been inspected, and is in the process of being collected, they will proceed with your payment.

How Much Do I Get Paid?2020-09-03T12:37:32+01:00

The price you receive for your vehicle will be dependant on a variety of factors, for example; whether your car has been purchased as a salvageable vehicle or as an end-of-life vehicle for scrap. To find out the value of a scrap vehicle, simply fill out the quotation form at the top of this page and our website will generate you a no obligation quote, instantly.

When Do I Get Paid?2020-09-03T12:36:59+01:00

All payments are made on the day of collection. Once the collector has inspected your vehicle to ensure that the condition of your scrap car matches the details given to us during the quotation stage, you should call us to confirm the details and once this has been done, payment will be made.

How to Sell My Car???2020-09-03T07:31:54+01:00

f you’re looking for how to sell your car, you’ve come to the right place. SCCS car selling guidance section is full of helpful resources giving you info on the different stages of the car selling process. Click here to see how to sell or scrap a car

Should I Sell My Car?2020-09-03T07:32:01+01:00

Should you sell your car? Maybe – the only person that can decide is you. However, there are all sorts of situations you could find yourself in where selling your car is the best option available. Read our should i sell my car article to see the different factors you should be weighing up to make the best decision.

What to Know When Selling Your Car2020-09-03T07:32:06+01:00

Selling your car can seem like a tricky process, but it really doesn’t have to cause a headache. SCCS is here to make selling your car easy. Here you’ll find a wide range of articles on all the different things you might be thinking about before selling. Read more to know what you know when selling a car.

How Do I Get Paid?2020-09-03T07:32:12+01:00

The most common method of payment available are Bank Transfer and Cheque Payment. Bank Transfers are usually cleared within 24 hours from the time of collection. Cheque Payments are issued on collection but can take a few days to clear with your bank. it will depend on your local collections team as to which payment method they can offer.

Do You Collect Vehicles That Have No Wheels?2020-09-03T07:32:17+01:00

Try your luck! It depends on your location but most of the time we do struggle to collect cars that don’t have wheels. We may have to reduce our price in this situation, simply because it is much more time consuming and difficult to collect. If you accept the quote and add in the additonal comments the ‘wheels are missing’, the collection team can confirm if they can collect when they call you.

Will I Get More Money If I Deliver the Car?2020-09-03T07:32:22+01:00

If you auction your car, the company with the winning bid may not be local, and so delivering the car may be difficult. With our instant online quotes, the buyer is usually local, so you may have the option of delivering the car yourself and making a little extra money. You can discuss this with the buyer when they contact you.

What to Do With My Car Insurance?2020-09-03T07:32:26+01:00

You can cancel your car insurance as soon as the car has been collected. If you cancel your insurance before the car is collected, then it is illegal for you to use it on the public highway. If you are replacing your old car with a new one, you should contact your insurance company as they may be able to replace the vehicle on the policy or issue a refund.

How Scrap Car Prices Are Generated?

When pricing a scrap vehicle there are various factors which are taken into consideration. Influences which affect a price may include:

  • the proximity of a vehicle to a government ATF
  • the size and weight of a vehicle
  • whether the vehicles have any specialist parts, current metal values and even fuel

The pricing of scrap and salvage vehicles are always fluctuating due to these factors.

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